Baobab Capital manage private client assets,

and is positioned as a niche investment house, specializing in family wealth management.

Investment Products

Baobab BCI Flexible Opportunity Fund

A domestic portfolio that aims to provide investors with a moderate to high long term total return by actively seeking investment opportunities.

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New Fund is Here!

Baobab BCI Prudential Managed Fund has been launched!
Regulation 28 Compliant Fund of Funds.

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Baobab Tax Free Investment Vehicle

The Baobab Capital Tax-Free Investment is a Collective Investment Scheme or Unit Trust account where you, as the client invest money, where there is no tax-payable.

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“Your money will be managed right alongside money that is very near and dear to us, ours”

“We are our own biggest client, suffice to say, your investment will get plenty of attention”

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